At, we help enterprises solve some of the world’s biggest and most interesting business problems with artificial intelligence.

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At, we are a team of motivated and qualified professionals solving world’s biggest and most interesting business problems with Artificial Intelligence. We build customized applications that are easy to integrate into existing processes. Our AI as a service offering allows enterprises to quickly deploy AI capabilities without the difficulty and delay of trying to build an internal AI team.

Our team of Engineers and Designers will work closely with business and IT teams to efficiently and securely access the large volumes of data needed to train our AI models. We use the latest in machine learning and operations research techniques to train models that give the most accurate results.

Our developers and user experience designers collaborate to build tailor-made application programming interfaces (APIs) that can begin delivering benefits to users immediately without long integration phases.

AI as a service

Veeville’s customized applications are easy to integrate into your existing processes. AI services gives organizations the agility and flexibility needed to succeed in today’s fast-changing digital world. AI as a service lets enterprises deploy AI capabilities easily and quickly without having to build additional competencies like creating an internal AI team. Cost effective and flexible, Veeville’s AI as a service creates customized application programming interfaces (APIs) that are a perfect fit for your business needs.

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Engagement model

We have an experienced team of engineers and designers who will work closely with your business and IT teams to create your AI application. All the data needed to train our AI models will be accessed from your enterprise in a secure and efficient manner. Veeville uses the latest machine learning and operations research techniques to train AI models that are accurate and efficient.

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Instant integration

We develop tailor-made application programming interfaces that deliver results as soon as they are deployed. Long integration phases and inaccurate applications are a thing of the past with our customized APIs.

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Continuous support

We make sure that our applications continue to deliver value for our clients long after deployment. We provide continuous support to our customers and re-train our AI models with new data whenever necessary. Our AI models are kept secure using the latest cybersecurity systems.

Our portfolio of AI solutions

At Veeville, we have a growing collection of AI products and solutions that allows us to deploy numerous applications for various enterprises. Our repertoire of AI products include solutions such as recommendation systems, natural language understanding or predictive industrial maintenance solutions, vision based systems, etc..

Applications of AI

Farms today are increasingly using technology to grow crops, we see AI as the most empowering technology yet in the way we grow and manage our crops. Our AI technologies allows farmers to gain a better understanding of the “ground realities now” more accurately and more quickly than ever before, they also let the farmers anticipate the future much better, like crop diseases or price fluctuation for their produce or the various other factors that could affect them.

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AI helps engineers make smarter decisions by accurately determining how to adapt to a growing number of industrial circumstances. Decision makers can rely on technology to provide accurate results that save time and effort, leaving engineers with more time to spend on other aspects of the business.

There is a huge amount of data on consumer behaviour that is available to advertisers. AI can make actionable use of this data with campaigns that are relevant and also protect customer privacy in the process. Specialized applications that create results that are measurable in real time can be deployed within narrow economic constraints, helping the customer achieve targets in a cost-efficient manner, and with time to spare.

Artificial intelligence can be leveraged successfully to gain new insights into consumer behaviour and engagement. AI can be used to proactively align businesses in an increasingly dynamic market. Information processed from multiple sources such as internal systems, third party databases and social media can be leveraged to give your business an edge.

At Veeville, we use AI to develop products and solutions that takes teaching and learning to the next level. Education is the stepping stone to the future and we help our students become future-ready with products and solutions such as AI teaching assistants, AI based spaced repetitive learning, just in time training, etc.

Artificial intelligence opportunities in the manufacturing sector have never been better. Access to specialized data from sensors and increased computing power has opened up new vistas to AI engineers in the manufacturing sector. Systems such as next generation quality assurance systems, predictive maintenance and planning are becoming accessible to enterprises. When AI matches synergies with manufacturing, the results include smarter production, more flexibility in processes, improved turnaround times, reduced defect rates and machine downtime, all while increasing quality.

Traditionally, industrial engineering and operations researchers study the wear and tear patterns on industrial equipment to predict part failures. These studies were used to plan and order replacement parts. With AI, enterprises can interpret high-frequency time series from sensors distributed across the system to predict imminent failures more accurately. Companies can now save hours of equipment downtime with AI systems in place.

Your Content Goes HereWith artificial intelligence, businesses can tide over the constantly fluctuating demand, prices and costs of operations successfully. You can make AI work for you by keeping track of results, successes and failures, and come up with a plan that is designed for success. Use AI in your business to improve the quality of service and significantly reduce operational costs.


Our AI strategy

AI solutions can create processes to make your business more efficient and cost-effective. At Veeville, we identify the key areas where AI can have maximum impact on your business through workshops and strategic roadmap planning with your business team.


AI technology has numerous uses in the current scenario. In the workshop, we will tell you all about AI technology, what it can do for your business and build a plan outlining what is possible.

Idea generation

We will identify the best AI solutions for your business; cost-effective plans that are guaranteed to create immediate value.

Road map development

We use AI technology to create unique and immediately actionable plans that will transform your business. We also help you manage the impact of disruptive change in the organization brought about by the implementation of AI.

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We are committed to building applications that continue to deliver value for our clients and the industries we operate in.

Our continued support ensures models are retrained with new data, run on the highest-quality infrastructure and are kept secure by expert cybersecurity systems.

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